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Greening has increasingly become a core focus of outdoor festivals and events. Let Clean Vibes help you give your event a cleaner and greener image. By working with Clean Vibes you will ensure that there is real substance to your event’s greening efforts.

Clean Vibes is a turnkey operation providing consulting and on-site waste management for outdoor festivals and events. With over a decade of experience, Clean Vibes has a consistent track record of providing results. To see a list of shows that we have worked in the past, click HERE.

We work closely with the Event Production staff to determine the waste management needs of the event to provide the best service. Working with local waste management haulers we can orchestrate the entire clean-up from start to finish.

Our goal is to create the Clean Vibe at every event we work. In everything we do, Clean Vibes staff and employees strive to show event goers that we are committed to waste diversion and that we really do care. We want people to catch the clean vibe and be inspired to pick up after themselves. In showing concertgoers how easy it is to minimize their waste footprint through recycling and composting, we hope that they will take this knowledge and apply it to their daily lives.

Clean Vibes puts the "clean" in your event, by providing:


We promote awareness of trash/recycling/composting operations on-site. It is important to us that event-goers become conscious of their surroundings and of their waste disposal habits.


By providing festival participants with the tools and the opportunity to recycle, we make it easy for them to assist in keeping the grounds clean. 

We want to make it easy for people to do the right thing.


We encourage fan participation in innovative and creative ways - not only offering them the opportunity to clean up and recycle, but also providing them with the incentives to do so.

Comprehensive Resource Coordination

While the primary focus of Clean Vibes is providing environmentally responsible waste management, we are also able to help an event define and meet all of its greening goals through consultation and resource coordination. Our staff has the skills and knowledge to assist events with all aspects of event greening. 

Clean Vibes has long term working relationships with other organizations within the greening world and can help coordinate the greening efforts of other event participants, such as vendors, to ensure that all of the event’s greening efforts are accomplished in a substantive, coordinated, and cost effective manner.

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