Client Endorsements

We have had the privilege of working with Clean Vibes, LLC for several years at the Forecastle Festival, a major music festival that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky's Waterfront Park. It is our sincere pleasure to recommend Clean Vibes to you in the strongest possible terms.

Louisville Waterfront Park is an 85 acre reclaimed green space at the edge of the Ohio River in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and we host over 150 events per year. We have been recognized by the Urban Land Institute as one of the Top 10 Parks in the Nation, have received the Rudy Bruner Silver Award for Urban Excellence, and the Phoenix Award from the Environmental Protection Agency among many other accolades. Park Maintenance is a very serious business for us, as our space is a former abandoned industrial wasteland. Without question, Anna Borofsky and her team at Clean Vibes perform event clean up in the most competent and environmentally responsible manner ever demonstrated in our 25 year history.

Clean Vibes answers a real need for major events producers and has set the bar for the best practice in waste diversion at events in Kentucky. Over a weekend of 60,000 plus attendees for a major music festival, Clean Vibes trains the general public to sort and dispose of landfill, compost and recycling at this major event. The amount of recycling and compost that they are able to divert from the landfill is staggering. This is not only best practice for the industry, it is a meaningful educational experience for those that attend.

Anna and her team have a wonderful rapport with everyone from Solid Waste administrators of Metro Government to the dumpster delivery drivers, staff and volunteers who assist with this yeoman's effort.

We are so proud to host Clean Vibes and brag about what they are able to accomplish in our community. Their work is important to us, important for the special events industry and important to our environment. They leave our park better than they found it and have begun to revolutionize the way that we view waste disposal for a public facility and for special events.

Ashley Smith
Director of Events
Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation

Louisville, KY

 — Ashley Smith, Director Of Events, Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation

Another Planet Entertainment has hired Clean Vibes to handle our event waste management needs at our music festivals for years.

They have exceeded our expectations time and time again. They allow for us to make our events as green as possible, by orchestrating our cleanup needs from load in to load out, and always smoothly.

We have received exceptional customer service and Clean Vibes have had great communication with us regarding our events, and with the City and County of San Francisco.

Their staff has always been competent, knowledgeable and passionate.

Another Planet Entertainment strongly recommends Clean Vibes for any event looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a green image.

Mary Conde
Director of Production
Another Planet Entertainment

Berkeley, CA

 — Mary Conde, Director Of Production, Another planet Entertainment

Randall's Island Park has had a long and wonderful relationship with Clean Vibes over the past several years. Last year alone Clean Vibes staffed all of our major events, covering multi-day festivals - tirelessly. They have operated event cleaning and recycling operations in connection to some of our largest Citywide special events held annually at Randall's Island Park.

As a major NYC regional park, visited by over 3 million people, we take park cleanliness and environmental stewardship very seriously. Clean Vibes is the only company we have worked with in the past two decades who has consistently exceeded our expectations in site clean-up and recycling. They have gone above and beyond the specific "event site" to clean and maintain park pathways, parking lots and adjacent areas of the Event Lawn - impacted by ticket holders. The Clean Vibes crews are well supervised, pro-active, energetic and a pleasure to work with. Our experience has shown that with Clean Vibes staffing an event - they have "set the tone" for event patrons to pick up after themselves and dispose of trash responsibly while visiting the park and the event at Randall's Island Park.

I recommend Clean Vibes without hesitation. They have always been a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

Aimee Boden
Randall's Island Park Alliance
New York, NY

 — Aimie Boden, President, Randall's Island Park Alliance

Hey Anna,

Thanks for helping making The Virgin Mobile Festival 2008 a “Green” success. Thanks to you and your team's hard work we can truly call Virgin Festival green.   Clean Vibes definitely understands what it takes to make a festival of this size run smoothly which is in contrast to what past greening companies have been able to help the festival with. This years festival used all B99 biodeisel and we were able to recycle and compost 85% of our waste. The amazing thing is we did it without having to bend over backwards to restructure our operations. Cleans Vibes clearly gets how to operate within a large event, delivers as promised and negotiates in a straight forward manner so we look forward to working with them in the future.

Brad Canfield
Virgin Mobile Festival
Baltimore, MD

Filco Carting has handled the waste, recycling and composting hauling services for Clean Vibes for several very large New York City outdoor events during the past five years. We found them to be the best managed and most environmentally conscious cleaning company in the industry. Their outstanding, cost-effective services have resulted in the highest diversion rates possible for the lowest hauling, processing, recovery and disposal charges we offer.

Filco highly recommends Clean Vibes to all production companies putting on major entertainment events.

 – John Okun
Filco Carting Corporation Brooklyn, NY

We have used Clean Vibes for several years at various events across the country.  We have never been disappointed with the level of professionalism and the quality of the service they provide.  One reason that we transport them across the country to take care of the High Sierra Music Festival is because we know that the job will get done, and it will get done well.  

We have yet to find another company who is as comprehensive as Clean Vibes when it comes to sustainable grounds management.  It's one less thing to worry about when producing our events. They're a turn-key operation, and consistently have worked very well with the local waste management companies in all the communities we have hosted events in.  They make trash and recycling look fun!

 – Rebecca Sparks
High Sierra Music

Along with clean up duties for the city of Bonnaroo, Anna and her team have a passion for doing the right thing. They've been helpful in the educational process of our fans and also helping to explore all of Bonnaroo's other greening initiatives.

Richard Goodstone
Superfly Presents

As producer of Power To The Peaceful SF, one of the largest and greenest free, one day festivals in the States, working with Clean Vibes has been a great partnership. Before "green" became trendy, Clean Vibes has been pro-active and present at cleaning, greening and educating businesses and the public at festivals and much more. Knowing that they are involved with our or any other festival I may attend, makes me feel great because I know that the site will be left as a healthier, greener and cleaner site than before the event happened!

The team's work ethic, efficient, activated, on point and attention to detail skills and the incredible 'micro-clean up' make the partnership an asset and a great joy to work with. Wrap all that with 'grace under pressure' and eloquent communication skills during the events... Clean Vibes is frankly the best

Catherine Enny 
Producer Power To The Peaceful USA/Brasil,
CEO Guerrilla Management

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