We are already very busy with planning for 2023 events and are excited for what will be a very busy year for Clean Vibes. Please check our Upcoming Events page regularly for updates to the 2023 schedule. 

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions. Be sure to read the descriptions of responsibilities carefully before applying for any position.  Click on the position below to read more about the duties and responsibilities.  At the end of each job description you will find a link to the appropriate application. 

All applicants will receive a response to their application, though there may be a delay of over a month between submission of application and response. Please do not email to check in about the status of your application. 

- Volunteers 

- Crew Members 

- On-Site Volunteer Coordinators

- Supervisors

- Managers

All applications for paid employment will remain open until further notice.

Please note that after you have submitted your application for paid employment, a link to the Clean Vibes Volunteer Database will appear in your browser. You may register to volunteer for any available event before we make our hiring decisions. If you are hired for a paid crew position for that event, we will simply remove you from the volunteer list and return all deposits and fees submitted.

First year applicants for our national events are typically hired as Crew Members for only a few events. During these events, we evaluate each new crew member to determine who will be offered work at events later in the season. On each application, there is a section to let us know what dates you would be available so we can determine if you would be a good fit for future events. We will alert you as to your hiring status for other events as they become available.

Applicants should be aware that working on the Clean Vibes crew is both labor intensive and physically demanding. Crew members, supervisors, managers, and volunteer crew positions all require the individual to be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs, work outdoors in all kinds of weather, and hand pick litter from the ground (lots of bending and stretching!).

In addition to the crew, supervisor and manager positions, Clean Vibes is also hiring on-site Volunteer Coordinators. On-site Volunteer Coordinators will also be hired as Clean Vibes crew members at events. For example, a crew member can be hired to work the actual days of an event (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) as a Volunteer Coordinator and then stay on after the event to work as a crew member cleaning the site. There is a place on the application to indicate your interest in this positions.

Descriptions of all the available positions are listed below. To apply for a position just click on the link following each job description or the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.



Benefits for Crew Paid Positions: 

ALL Paid Positions will include:

  • Payment for every day worked at each event.

  • Each employee will be paid for all work on site. The average shift is 10 hours per day (with additional hours as approved by management). The pay rate for Supervisors will be proportionately higher than that of Crew Members for each event and the pay rate for Managers will be proportionately higher than that of Supervisors for each event.

  • Meals for every day working on site or a per diem buyout.

  • Lodging in the form of quiet camping or hotels for every day on site at each event with access to hot showers.

  • Partial travel reimbursement to and from event (amount varies for each event and is not guaranteed).

  • T-shirts and gloves to be worn while working (for most events). 

  • Limited discounts on all Clean Vibes' merchandise.

  • Credentials to enter event grounds when off duty.

  • The feeling of accomplishment and ownership regarding the success of Clean Vibes.

  • The rewarding experience of working as a team to spread the Clean Vibe through:

    • Helping to educate the community of festival goers.

    • Minimizing the negative impact of events on the land and local community.

    • Helping to divert as much waste as possible from landfills across North America.

    • Giving festival goers the tools and knowledge to participate in helping to keep the scene clean.

    • Assisting in the process of providing spaces for a community of music lovers to gather and celebrate in a safe and healthy environment.

 Be sure that you have read the job description and understand the responsibilities of the position before applying.

Clean Vibes CREW MEMBER Responsibilities:,

  • Set up event waste management system.

  • Arrive on site on the specified date prior to the date gates open.

  • Set up and place collection stations throughout venue, campground, and other on site locations.

  • Service collection stations within designated routes during festival.

  • Sweep festival grounds of all micro trash throughout the event.

  • Maintain a level of cleanliness within designated route at all times.

  • Help to oversee Clean Vibes’ volunteers during and after the event.

  • Clean site following event.

  • Remain on site until completion of post show cleanup (or dates of hire).

  • Remove all waste from site within the parameters of each event contract.

  • Break down, clean and pack up all Clean Vibes materials and supplies upon completion of cleanup.

  • Educate, motivate, and participate!

  • Encourage festival goers to become more involved in the waste management process.

  • Be educated and informed about recycling in order to pass this information on to festival goers and other staff.

  • Represent Clean Vibes in a professional, positive, and responsible manner.

Click here to apply to become a Clean Vibes Crew Member!


Clean Vibes SUPERVISOR Responsibilities:

  • All responsibilities of Crew Member as outlined above

  • Organizing and supervising crews of staff and volunteers

  • Motivating crew to maintain a positive work ethic

  • Leading by example through hard work and constant enthusiasm

  • Communicating with managers, other supervisors and other department heads

  • Facilitating open and positive communication between crew members and managers

  • Being familiar with other departments and contacting persons to obtain appropriate supplies, credentials, and accurate answers to questions.

Click here to apply to become a Clean Vibes Supervisor!


Clean Vibes MANAGER Responsibilities:

  • All responsibilities of Crew Members and Supervisors as outlined above.

  • Taking full responsibility for all aspects of supervision for a designated area during larger events.

  • Calling and facilitating supervisor/staff meetings when needed or appropriate.

  • Monitoring supervisor's activities and fielding supervisor questions, problems and needs as they arise.

  • Making sure all supervisors are on time to work each day.

  • Enforcing the proper care and use of all equipment and vehicles, ie. Double checking the fuel levels, operating status, and secured status of all CV vehicles and making sure that all vehicles are used in a safe and proper manner by all crew members.

  • Reporting to the owners any problems with equipment or personnel.

  • Acting as one of the main points of contact during times when owners are off duty or at events where owners are not on site.

  • Overseeing all operations of Clean Vibes while on duty including:

    • Interacting on a professional level with other event departments.

    • Ensuring all time clock procedures are followed.

    • Assignment and supervision of supervisors and crews to areas of responsibilities.

    • Serving as Clean Vibes' main contact on radio and to other departments and maintaining the professional demeanor that this role requires.

    • Understanding of contract negotiations and a sense of the "big picture".

    • Remaining in constant open communication with owners on or off site.

    • Ability to effectively follow instructions of owners.

    • Ability to decide appropriate times to make decisions and appropriate times to consult owners for advice.

  • Submitting all requested reporting to owners or direct manager post event including, but not limited to, buyouts, equipment inventory, staff evaluations and post event evaluations.

Click here to apply to become a Clean Vibes Manager!


Clean Vibes On-Site VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Responsibilities:

  • Any Clean Vibes Crew Member can be an On-site Volunteer Coordinator! (Please see above for Crew Member responsibilities.)

  • Volunteer Coordinators are necessary at several events per season and operate under the direction of the Clean Vibes Volunteer Manager to meet, train and supervise volunteers on-site at events.

  • All applicants are encouraged to indicate their interest in these positions on the application!

  • Ideal applicants for this position are high energy and have a positive attitude, have good organizational habits, are patient and have great people skills with the ability to clearly communicate instructions.

Click here to apply to become a Clean Vibes Crew Member and On-site Volunteer Runner!


Join Clean Vibes as a Volunteer and help spread the clean vibe at your favorite event! Clean Vibes is dedicated to educating event attendees about recycling and the importance of environmental stewardship. We believe that every person can make a difference and we rely on dedicated volunteers who are interested in inspiring others. To be a volunteer you must commit to  a set amount of hours - usually a total of 4-10 hours/day within a specific shift time is required. Volunteer shifts are usually during and/or after the show, we do not often offer pre-festival opportunities. Please refer to the descriptions below to learn about the types of volunteer opportunities we offer.

There is no "acceptance period" for volunteers with Clean Vibes. You may apply for any open event and you are automatically accepted!

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Admission to the event. For most events, volunteers will be required to submit a fully refundable deposit equal to the cost of a ticket (refunded once volunteer obligations are completed) as well as a non-refundable administrative fee. Deposits are normally refunded within 7-10 days of completion of volunteer shifts. Please refer to the Clean Vibes Volunteer Database (see below for the link) for more information on the deposit requirements for each event.

  • Meeting great people for a great cause!

  • Enjoying the event while having the satisfaction of being a true environment steward!

Additional benefits (depending on the event) MAY Include:

  • Meals while working (dependent on event and position).

  • Free event t-shirt (check specific event listing as some events do not supply t-shirts).

  • Preferred camping at camping events (depending on time of arrival). 

Once you have visited the Clean Vibes Volunteer Registration Webpage, you will be able to read which positions are available for each event and register to attend as a Clean Vibes Volunteer.

These are the types of volunteer opportunities we offer:


While the exact times and number of hours will vary by event, During Show Volunteers are normally required to work one 4 to 7 hour shift on each day of the festival. They will spend their shift assisting the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and cleaning the concert area in preparation for continued entertainment. 

This position requires bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling. Depending on the event, During Show Volunteers may spend a portion of their shift sorting recycling and/or compost and distributing bags to campers.


While the exact times and number of hours will vary by event, Nightly After Show Clean-up Volunteers are normally required to work one 4 to 6 hour shift at the conclusion of a daily, non-camping event. 

They will spend their shift assisting the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and cleaning the concert area after the fans have left the area. This position requires A LOT of bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling.


Looking for an opportunity to volunteer but still be able to enjoy the ENTIRE event uninterrupted? Post Event Clean-up could be your key! Post Event Volunteers are normally required to work two 8 to 10 hour shifts after the conclusion of the entire event. These volunteers will assist the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and consolidating piles. This position requires bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling. Depending on the event, Post Event Volunteers may spend a portion of their shifts sorting recycling and/or compost.


At select events we offer positions for what we call our Trash Talker® Volunteers. Clean Vibes Trash Talker® Volunteers are an integral part of the waste diversion process and are required to work a daily shift during the festival that is normally 5 to 6 hours. Volunteers will staff waste reclamation centers located throughout the festival grounds and encourage festival attendees to dispose of their waste in the appropriate receptacles - recycling, compost, or landfill. These volunteers will have the opportunity to interact directly with the festival attendees to promote environmental responsibility.


Table Busser Volunteers are stationed throughout the venue, primarily in food vending areas, keeping the picnic tables and surrounding grounds free of litter and debris while educating attendees on where to properly dispose of their waste. 


Clean Vibes Volunteer Registration: For those who are only interested in volunteering with Clean Vibes.

1st time Employees Application: For those who would like to apply for a paid Clean Vibes position for the first time.

Return Staff Application: For those who have previously worked for Clean Vibes as paid staff, but only for one year.

Veteran Application: For those who have previously worked for Clean Vibes for two or more years.

5+ Years of Clean Vibes Application: For those who have worked for Clean Vibes for over 5 years.


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